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customised recruitment solutions

Ready to build your team

Let’s keep things simple. You need to find a top-quality candidate that slots into the role you’ve got available, with ease. We’ll find that person.

In fact, they may just be sitting with us, right here, right now.

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We work with and form long-lasting partnerships with firms who operate in the GCC region. Over the past 13 years, we've filled hundreds of positions across the whole finance and investment landscape, with many companies returning to us because of the first-class quality candidates and service we provide. Our specialist consultants largely come from the financial industry they recruit in so know the specific nuances that are associated with the jobs, companies and talent in that space. 

Looking to fill a mid-level management position but don’t know where to start? Our extensive database is jam-packed full of talent, just waiting for the perfect role to find them. It’s highly likely that some of them are your perfect match.

Financial search

Building partnerships

We tend to recruit for the top financial organisations or companies looking to fill financial positions within the GCC. Businesses approach us because of our impressive track record. 

13+ years growth

260+ positions filled

98% returned clients

100% satisfaction

You may still be thinking that we’re just another recruiter to take on your search. But we’re not any recruiter. We’re not same old, same old. We challenge the status quo and go the extra mile. We go beyond your deliverables, implementing a process that delves into the detail of each individual professional that we’ve homed in on when seeking your perfect fit candidate. 

So, when we present the shortlist of candidates that match your requirements, we already know about their background, their aspirations, what motivates them and why they’ll be right for, specifically, your business. We do our homework and expect to get top marks. 

Think of us as an extension of your team. You know, your go-to guy. The one with the strongest market intelligence. The one with extraordinary insight that you simply wouldn’t find elsewhere. The one who just knows all his stuff. 

And at the end of the process, we expect you to be truly satisfied that we’ve found the best person available that fits into your firm, with the strongest cultural fit and the ability to add major value to your team, your department and business as a whole. 

We put clients and candidates first and will handle your search with integrity and gusto. Our whole focus and ethos centres around building relationships with those who we work with and this continues to enhance our reputation as a premier recruiter of choice within the Middle East.

executive search

The recruitment process​

We’re hands on. We won’t stop and will scour every geography and every sector until your brief has been fulfilled. Every search matters. To you, to us and to your perfect hire. We will make it happen.

Here is how our five steps recruitment process works.​


​Listen and Understanding



Strategy and Discovery


Search and Review


Shortlist and Interviews


Results Delivery

We take time to listen and understand your business and requirements. At this stage, we want to make sure we agree on the brief including terms and timescales.

We get to work, identifying the best process and methodologies that get the best results aligned to your business.

Markets are efficiently mapped out​ while using in-built sourcing methods, the most innovative technology and search tools available. We conduct a rigorous interview and selection process to find the best in class talent defined to your needs.

A shortlist of candidates are presented to you, with your selection invited to meet with your team.

The offer management process is dealt with and as we have built a relationship, we will stay in contact to provide continued support as required.​

Mistakenly made the wrong hire for your critical role?

Don’t make the same error twice.

Our team of financial recruitment experts is here to help you. Get in touch to learn more how we can support your organisation.