The Six Most Common CV Mistakes

Posted on 29 December 2022

​When looking for a new job, you will need to create a CV that is tailored to impress hiring managers and highlight your skills, talents, and expertise

Today’s recruiters spend around seven seconds reviewing each CV. It may only take a few seconds to select who does not make the cut from the application list, and spelling errors are the quickest method to get the process started.

The following are some of the most important pointers on what to stay away from when creating (updating) your CV.

How lengthy should a CV be?

The first error you may make is to try to summarise your whole life experience over an infinite number of pages. 

Keep your curriculum vitae to a reasonable length. The ideal number of pages would be between two and three where you are able to include everything while maintaining your ability to be succinct.

Which fonts work best for a CV?

Another mistake would be to choose something that is difficult to read. Personality may be shown via design, but designs that are difficult to understand make the application process more time-consuming and turn off recruiters.

We recommend picking Arial or Calibri as your font of choice because of how "extremely straightforward" they are. 

What is the most effective layout or template for a CV?

Have you considered beginning with a running list of all of your most recent accomplishments? Try to rethink this. Do not make the common error of listing them all together in one block. Instead, you should incorporate your accomplishments into each component, such as your previous job experience and education.

Use a "traditional CV" structure, which organises work experience in reverse chronological order and lists education at the bottom. 

There are, nevertheless, a few notable exceptions to the general pattern. These include recent college graduates, those with lengthy career breaks, and those who are transitioning into a different field. After that, you have some leeway to showcase other elements of your skill set if you so want.

Your most recent job, whether it be your present or a past one, is what has to be at the top, and you need to highlight your achievements there. In addition to that, give information on how you contributed to each of your previous employments.

Should I include my hobbies and interests on my CV?

The question of whether or not to mention interests and hobbies is one that elicits somewhat more debate. They are, nevertheless, of the opinion that everything that is included on your CV should be there for a purpose and should be relevant.

If they are used appropriately, hobbies may be hugely essential and meaningful. However, before you mention the pastime in the application, you should first consider whether or not it is transferable to the actual employment.

What email subject should I use when submitting my CV?

First, ensure that you don't commit the common oversight of omitting the subject line. 

Before you send the email, it's a good idea to double-verify that you have one.  First, get to know some of the recruiters who work in your sector. Then, you should begin by indicating that the email is an application and then referencing the position for which you are applying. If you are merely looking to get your name out there among recruiters, you should be sure to indicate what industry you work in or jobs you are pursuing in your profile.

Is a cover letter still required when applying for a job?

It is also a mistake to submit cover letters that exclude crucial information that was included in the primary body of your CV. Consider putting it to use to provide an air of individuality to the piece. If this is the case, you may wish to skip it.

Despite this, the advice isn't applicable in all situations. If you want to demonstrate that you are willing to go the additional mile, it is OK to submit a cover letter even when it is not stated. But be sure to keep it crisp.

The final piece of advice

Ensure that both your curriculum vitae and your LinkedIn profile are as up-to-date as is humanly feasible to display your best self. Maintaining brevity throughout the whole application is of the utmost importance.

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