GUIDE: How To Conduct An Effective Interview

Posted on 30 November 2022

The pile of resumes that were sent to your inbox has been culled, and just a few of the applicants have made it through the first phase of phone interviews.

Next step: in-person interviews.

• How should you make the most of the little amount of time you have to get to know a person who is essentially a complete stranger?

• How many members of your company's staff ought to be involved?

• How do you know whether an applicant is going to be a good match for the position?

• And as the last point, is it OK to ask things like, “What’s your greatest weakness?”

Interviewing is a skill, and just because you are in a management position does not mean that interviewing comes easy to you.

Likewise, just because you have years of experience conducting interviews does not indicate that you have perfected your method to the point that it does not need improvement.

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In this guide, we examine the expectation of job applicants, as well as the steps necessary to make a positive candidate experience during and after the interview process.

We also take a look into the most prominent red flags to watch out for while interviewing potential employees and advice you on how to spot high-performing leaders.

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