What Makes A Company A Great Place To Work

Posted on 15 August 2022

Nowadays, many companies are creating and encouraging fun in the workplace. Experts say this can benefit any business. Adrian Gostick and Scott Christopher, in their book The Levity Effect: Why It Pays To Lighten Up, say that if people are having fun, they’re going to work harder, stay longer, maintain their composure in a crisis, and take better care of the organisation.

However, a great workplace is much more than “fun”. 

In this article, we list 15 things that make a company a great place to work so as a jobseeker you can identify them during your job search, as an employer this can act as a quick checklist.

#1 Competitive compensation: A company that cares about its employees provides them with appropriate salaries and benefits.

#2 Company culture: Company culture is an organisation and its employee's shared values, attitudes, and behaviors. A company's core values might include honesty, self-improvement, or communication.

#3 Community: Great companies form a community around their employees, with a common vision and support for everyone's goals.

#4 Trust: In healthy work environments, managers trust their employees to work hard and make good decisions, employees trust business leaders to support and guide them, and colleagues trust each other to work toward shared goals.

#5 Fairness: In a fair workplace, employees feel like they receive adequate compensation and have the same opportunities as their colleagues.

#6 Communication: Open communication creates trust in the workplace and prevents misunderstandings.

#7 Innovation: Companies that are constantly creating new products, strategies and workflows can be exciting places to work.

#8 Professional development: A company that invests in its employees helps them grow professionally.

#9 Engagement: Great companies often have engaging workplaces where employees are invested and interested in the outcome of their work.

#10 Caring: Great companies to work for care about their employees and show it.

#11 Desirable employer: If working for a particular organisation is a dream job for most people in your industry, then that company is likely a great place to work.

#12 Transparency: Companies that are transparent in their challenges, successes, and daily operations can earn their employees' trust and commitment to solving problems and achieving goals.

#13 Honorable mission: Employees typically take pride in working for companies that offer value or make a difference in the community.

#14 Leadership: Employees generally enjoy working with confident, effective, and fair leaders.

#15 Diversity: Great places to work generally embrace employees of all experience levels, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Would you add anything to the list?

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