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The workforce, as we know it, is changing. The way you grow, operate and deliver your product or service has evolved and will continue to do so. While change isn’t always easy, we’ll ensure any staff transition you make is smooth and simple. 

Extended Workforce​

As the world shifts, companies increasingly need to adapt and be flexible. This is relevant for all parts of business, but notably for a firm’s personnel. Your primary goal may be to keep the organisation moving forward and thriving. But gaps in key roles could leave your company vulnerable and instead of growth, all you’ll see is a heightened risk of weaker performance. 

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So, implementing consultants or interim and contract staff into your workplace could be the ideal solution. But, whether or not these people are your employees, they still need to be individuals who will fit seamlessly into the position, having been vetted and screened by professionals beforehand. ​

Binding Partnership’s Extended Workforce solutions allow employers to revel in the knowledge that their business continuity plan can still be fully implemented when interim staff are required, even on short notice. This is because we’ll effortlessly be able to find you the right people, for however long you need them, and fast. 


PMO Set Up & Operation

If you’re looking for more extensive support within operations, the set up of a Project Management Office within your business could be required to deliver new initiatives. 
We will be able to provide a full suite of highly qualified personnel for the PMO, tailored to your business requirements, whether it be for governance, compliance or operational management purposes. 
The PMO won’t just be able to provide all necessary support to enhance your position in the market place, but additionally give a level of confidence and strength to other projects throughout your company’s structure.

Interim Management

Opportunity. Often, hard to come by, but when it does come about, taking advantage of it is imperative. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. 
So, if you’ve got something big in the pipeline, such as a business transformation, turnaround, IPO, or a major restructure, but a member of your senior management team isn’t in place, it’s hardly ideal. You’ll need to get that person in quickly to manage the process and ensure a smooth transition. This is where we can help. 
Even if it’s just for the duration of the transition period, we’ll find the right C-Level candidate for your project. Don’t jeopardise your opportunity; ensure your plans are a success with all key personnel on board.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) 

You need bodies and you need them fast. For whatever reason, getting several personnel or a team of people into your business is a top priority. 
Of course, just hiring anyone en masse isn’t a good idea. You still need them to be right for your business, engaged in the project and to fit with your company’s ethos. 
In this instance, it’s often beneficial to place a member of our team on site or dedicated to your cause remotely. They would lead the whole process, from strategic identification through to placement, which also helps to ensure a more time and cost-effective solution, whilst still targeted to your needs.

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